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After 7 years, since his last full-length album release, Ezoterik, the artist formerly known as The Real J. Walker! returns with new music and a fresh perspective as James E! Walker. His forthcoming EP, DesignerRap, Vol. 1: AQUA-RIUS, is the first leg of a 4-part series to launch his Designer Rap Tour project.


In 2019, he appeared on Maven Gray’s album Why Not!? featured on UnderDog & Atmospherik Chillaxin songs Bounce It & Like an Alien. While working behind the scenes, Walker has become known as emerging designer and artist, crafting the cover art work for many of K-Rino's historical discography.


To back up his Designer Rap credits, checkout his portfolio for other Spotify & Apple Music albums: Mind Vision, Lightning Language (The 4-Piece, No. 1), Then and Now (The 4-Piece #2), Three Weeks Later (The 4-Piece #3), The S-Project (The 4-Piece #4), Mightier Than the Sword, Universal Curriculum (The Big Seven #1), Conception of Concept (The Big Seven #2), Enter the Iron Trap (The Big Seven #3), Wizard’s Ransom (The Big Seven #4), American Heroes (The Big Seven #5), Welcome to Life (The Big Seven #6), Intervention (The Big Seven #7), Makin’ Enemies, Deprogrammed & 80 Minute Eternity. 


Affiliates: South Park Coalition, Clymax, Rapper K, Murder One, Danny Blunt, Dem Dayum Twinz & SPC2G. More Covers: Halloween Baby, New Heights, Heavy Hearted, Party Forever, Chronic Flows, Vol. 1, Chronic Flows, Vol. 2, Grand Gesture, The Shadow People, Atmospherik Chillaxin, Why Not!?, Gray Skiez, Ezoterik



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