© 2019 aVisualSoundtrack presents the Designer Rap Tour  |  Designed by James E! Walker.


Designer Rap Tour features the works of multidisciplinary artist James E! Walker. The project bridges the gap between the disciplines of music, art, and design.


James focuses in on ideas and concepts that challenge how we view rap music. He uses his own story and voice to illustrate those concepts from different perspectives.


Each aspect of this project carries over into the next, all by design. As the tour unfolds, Walker shows us what the music looks like and what the art sounds like.


In 2010, Houston hip hop artist and producer, The Real J. Walker! took the leap and quit his day job to pursue his music dream.


While developing his brand and sound, he worked after hours studying graphic design. Soon he was producing his own music, album artwork, and branding material.


By 2013, Walker had 4 projects under his belt when graduating from the Art Institute of Houston. He majored in Graphic Design.


He's traded verses with seasoned SPC & SUC veterans K-Rino, Ganxsta NIP, Point Blank, Mr. 3-2, and D-Gotti. As a studio engineer, Walker has worked alongside Texas’ own Bun B, Z-RO, Trae Tha Truth, Papa Reu, Cory Mo and many others.


As of 2019, Walker’s artwork began to gain attention in the field of visual arts and design. His work has featured in Midtown's Drewery Place, The Glassell School of Art, and MFAH.


He’s also worked with companies such as Netflix, The Printing Museum, and Better Homes & GardensWalker recently teamed up with Raydon Creative, a marketing agency in Houston, Texas.


Now back with new music and a fresh perspective, he introduces us to the next phase of his career: James E! Walker.


James is currently working on a new project titled Designer Rap Tour. The tour features a hip hop album series, an art exhibition, and ongoing live performances.


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